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About Us

ESEM Construction Systems , Architecture and Logistics Metal Ind. Tra. Ltd Co is a well-established company providing services with 20 years of knowledge & experience in roofing and cladding industry, continues its production activities via 100% domestic capital.

ESEM CONS. who undertakes a significant part in business volume of roofing and cladding industry, serves the highest level of customer satisfaction principle using only the materials that meets the highest quality standarts at every process of production.

ESEM CONS. is operating successfully in roofing & facade cladding and isolation area included all kinds of industrial buildings, warehouses, hangars, sports facilities and public buildings via a staff of employees with sufficient knowledge, know-how and technical equipment.

Besides roofing & facade cladding with rockwool and polyurethane insulation, provides services like trussed metal roofing, shingle cladding, basic and terrace insulation and water tank insulation.

Adopting the principles of righteousness and high quality service and taking responsibility at every stage of the production process, ESEM CONS. is commited to fulfill every project it has undertaken timely and proper to all of it’s costumers.

Our company, which has achieved a number of successful projects until today is rightfully proud of being professional and reputable brand in its sector.


Our mission, To be a preferred company for our customers and employees, maintaining our high quality product and service policy we are commited to, in spite of the challenging and volatile market conditions -always keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, sustaining before and after service provided with our reliability and high business ethics.

Our vision, Hold to a permanent position in the sector for tomorrow as it is today as a leading and exemplary institution for our customers that we provide solution partnership with a stable quality approach, reliable, innovative and open to development brand identity.


Quality always takes precedence.




ESEM CONS, established its own sheet metal processing center aiming to build faster solutions to its clients maintaining its own cladding, interlock roofing complementary accessories, flashings, sheet metal gutters, clip and stress plates needs.

ESEM sheet metal processing center has the capacity to manufacture supplies such as accessories, flashings, clip and stress plates ect from 0,40 to 5,50 mm coated, galvanized steel sheets cutting and bending capacity with its 3.00 meters long Guillotine and press brake and eccentric presses.


Its used as roof and facade material at veneues such as Art Centres. Insulated panels are materials with an insulation core between the two formed metal surfaces.  Widely used in roofs and façades needed thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.  They are used in all buildings especially where large openings should be covered and needs fast assembly needed.

Rockwool, polyurethane providing the carriage of insulated panels coatings can be produced with various materials; Galvanized steel, aluminum, PVC Metal surface coil coating paint line in all colors from the RAL catalogue can be painted in different types such as polyester and PVDF.

In insulation-free practices or in place insulation applications single layer sheet roof and cladding are used. Usually they are manufactured from painted galvanized steel or aluminum in various thicknesses. The patterns on the sheet (rib height, the width of the ribs and so on.) determines the payload.

Produced  in  a facility with the certificates; ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System issued by BVQI,

 ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Sandwich panels are used   in venues such as Industrial Plants,  Shopping malls,  Sports Complexes, health and Arts Centers as roof and facade material.


The interlock systems’ mounting pattern to steel construction which gave its name to this system; provides an aesthetic, durable and guaranteed cladding system. Trapezes assembled without penetrating the Surface are interlocked to each other immediately after the installation with the aid of a robot vacuum. This process provides an overlay of impermeability.

Clip units  remaining inside the clamp zones are formed from fixed and mobile elements. Thanks to the L clips applied to the steel construction and the mobile clips moving within the oval opening inside of it, the thermal expansion of the tall trapezoidal sheets are absorbed. While in the assembly of short stature of the trapeze, just fixed clip usage is sufficient. Interlocked system trapezes are assembled via special clips designed for construction. It is not possible to see these clips on the surface after assembly. Thanks to the use of these clips remaining hidden in clamp area, the surface of the trapeze remains imperforated.


In places that require the best way to benefit daylight, it provides the ideal solution and because of the characteristics of its resin it is extremely resistant to shocks. It is much lighter than coating materials such as glass and acrylic.

İnterpanel  polycarbonate systems provides the return of your investments as soon as possible by providing the optimum benefit from the light of day. Polycarbonate systems manufactured suitable for each type of sandwich panel provides ease of installation and high thermal insulation advantages. They can be manufactured in any desired length. Used for many years without yellowing due to UV protection.


The biggest reason  why TPO membranes are favored is that they have longer endurance, according to the aging tests carried out, they are known to withstand up to 20-30 years. When correct product is used, they can be merged via the heat source easily. TPO membranes have a significant share in USA market, having  an ever greater extent in Europe and in our country and increasing its market share.TPO membranes that are manufactured in our country are produced in 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 mm  thickness as standard but special production can also be done on demand. Laminated layer, resistant to all kinds of atmospheric conditions, the sun's rays  and plant roots,  It can be used on concrete via Mechanical fixing and especially on light metal roofs via free laying methods, fast and economical application with roll dimensions can be produced broadly high dimensional stability and high tear resistance thanks to reinforcement materials, Energy consumption Decrease of structures with High reflectivity feature.Recyclable eco-friendly material product width differs from 1.57 to 1.60 mm.Tear resistance is 300 N while according to EN 12310-2 standard 180 N is sufficient. Tensile strength is at least 1100 N / 50mm while 800 N / 50mm is sufficient.


Bundling method Is to Wrap the foundation of the building with a membrane layer all around. In this method, firs the insulating layer is prepared and the foundation layer  is sealed into “the bundle”. Firstly, solid ground where bitumen sheet will be laid on should be prepared. This ground is a lean concrete layer with a smooth surface. At  least two layers of 3 or 4 mm in thickness polyester reinforcement membrane  bonded onto this layer. In bundling applications no lining will be applied under the membrane. Membranes are bonded transverse 10 cm, longitudinal 15 cm boarded on each other and dissolving via the chalumeau.

On the first layer, its sufficient to bond membranes together from the joints. On the second layer, a shifting bonding of transverse 50 cm and a longitudinal of 5 meters must be applied. First and second layers should not be applied with a shifting bonding that formes longitudinal-transverse right angle. The second layer membranes must be fully bonded to the first layer application. Spot bonding is not acceptable. Approximately  1 meter margin must also be spared. around the edges as to fix foundation isolation to concrete walls. In the insulation of the concrete walls, same type of membrane can be used but applying liquid membrane reinforced with polyester mat is a more practical and healthy practice. To protect the insulation after application at least 100 g / m²  the geotextile mat protection be provided. All right angles must be beveled.


ESEM Cons wished to establish a company in order to provide better services to you with our experienced teams who he has been involved in this area for years and since 2010 we have achieved this goal.

Our aim is to meet the customers’ valuable material with high quality, harmlessly craftsmanship and optimal assembly in this sector


Steel profiles are not only used in roof trusses or the mezzanine flooring  they are also used in the junctions of facade panel and in the transports of facade panel througtout facedes. Especially in prefabricated structures profile sections, and spacing and columns and girders designated via static analysis. Horizontal and vertical members generated are digitized each other and with sandwich panels covered to surfaced providing a composite functioning thus enables a system composed of load-bearing walls behavior look.

In this way, in facade serious resistance occurs especially against wind loads. Two types of systems can be formed with bolted and welded joining and also  where necessary provides the advantage of being used in another project via Dismantling.


Shop Drawing (Application drawings and calculations): Laying out the application on drawing before starting the construction of the project,  using the types and dimensions of the selected products.

With this process, the metering of the project and manufacturing lengths are fully prepared. Thus, the waste rate and problems that would be encountered during implementation become noticeable in advance. Shop drawing has an important role in terms of cost and installation time.




Saray Cumhuriyet, Özal Bulvarı No: 185 D: 33, 06145 Pursaklar/ANKARA